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Nexus 110 AC

Klaxon Electronic Tone Sounder Beacons


  • 5J Xenon or high efficiency LED

  • Low voltage AC variant

  • Three alarm stages

  • Quarter turn fasteners for ease of installation

  • 116dB at 1 meter/106dB at 10 ft (max);
    110dB at 1 meter/100dB at 10 ft. (typical)

  • Volume control for greater flexibility - 20dB

  • 64 tones

  • Separate connections for sounder and beacon

  • IP66 Rated

  • Operating temperature range:  -13F to 131F (-25C to 55C)

The Nexus 110 is a very high output sounder beacon designed for industrial applications.

Nexus 110 Sounders are IP 66 rated, making them suitable for outdoor applications.  The Nexus Sounder Beacon is available with a high efficiencey LED or Xenon beacon.

Nexus 110 AC

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Nexus 110 AC Sounder LED Beacon - Amber
24-48V AC


Nexus 110 AC Sounder Xenon Beacon - Red
110-230V AC


Nexus 110 AC Sounder Xenon Beacon - Blue
110-230V AC


Nexus 110 AC Sounder Xenon Beacon - Green
110-230V AC