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1035 Series

Miniature Self-Adhesive With Wire Leads


The Edwards Signaling 1035 Series magnetic contact saves installation time through the use of a specially formulated 3M® adhesive tape. The tape, which establishes a permanent bond between the contact and the surface, can be repositioned during the first 5 minutes. A low profile and small footprint combine with reliable Edwards Signaling technology to make the 1035 Series the perfect magnetic contact for those situations where drilling holes is impractical.


-  Quick tape mounting no screws or glues needed
-  Urethane/acrylic tape bonding improves with age
-  Convenient surface mounting

1035 Series

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N.O. 7.5W/VA 0.6 Inch Sense Range (1035-N)
Natural White
100V AC/DC max., 0.5A max., 7.5W/VA max.




Agency Approvals

UL Listed
ULC Listed
NEMA Ratings:  1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 12
Protection Class:  IP67


Enclosure:  ABS Plastic

Temperature Range:  -40F to 150F (-40C to 65C)

Environmental:  Hermetically sealed contact switch encapsulated in polyurethane

Response Time :    1 msec max.

Life cycles:
  100,000 under full load;  10,000,000 under dry circuit

Lead Types/O.D.:   #22 wire / 0.05"(0.15cm)


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