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Message Center SoftwareSingle Sign Connectivity


Software Kit Includes

  • CD-ROM
  • Installation guide
  • 25 foot RS232 cable
  • PC adapter for RS232 cable

System Requirements

  • PC with CD-ROM and mouse
  • VGA or SVGA monitor
  • 16 MB RAM or greater
  • MS/PS DOS 486 or compatible computer (a Pentium PC is recommended for optimal performance

Operating System

  • Compatible with Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 operating system

Edwards MCN-2-0 provides one-on-one message center programming. This version does not contain the networking features of MCN-1-0 networking software.

MCN-2-0 allows a user to view the message exactly as it will appear on the message center. This is made possible through a unique configuration utility. This utility will identify the message center connected to your PC and configure the program to the correct number of lines, available font sizes, available colors, etc.

This software takes the guess work out of creating messages. It can be used in conjunction with the MC-RIRL for multiple message centers that are not networked together.

Used with the MCDI Text Message Annunciator Driver


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