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LED 2 Line Message CentersUp to 40 Characters


  • Two lines of 7" LED characters

  • Stores up to 81 messages

  • 100,000 hr. LED technology

  • 5 variable speed settings

  • 25 message modes

  • 10 day typical memory retention

  • Built-in real-time clock, 12 or 24 hour format

  • Built-in serial computer interface-RS232 and RS485

  • Addressable

  • Easy to use push button operation to set time/date and display on/off

  • Attractive ABS case design

  • Continuous message entry with automatic centering in any mode

The Edwards MC2-20R07 is designed specifically for high-priority messaging. With the message center, you can communicate critical, time-sensitive information specifically to individuals who need it - when they need it. Your messages will be received at the appropriate time, without the delay and clutter often associated with memos, bulletin board announcements and e-mail.

Because of it's size, the MC2-20R07 is also suited for delivering advertising messages for products or services to customers waiting for tellers or at point-of-sale terminals. In addition, it delivers information to visitors, clients and patients in lobbies and waiting rooms.

Using light, color and motion that's guaranteed to attract attention, the MC2-20R07 lets you communicate important messages on a on-to-one basis. They can be strategically placed inside help-desk and customer service work stations/cells, offices, information desks, and lobbies so that priority data is immediately and easily available. Whether you're updating a plant supervisor with a production run change or several customer service representatives with individual call waiting/cue information, the applications for the MC2-20R07 are unlimited.

The MC2-20R7 stands directly on a desktop or counter. The units may be wall mounted using the supplied hardware. For use indoors in commercial and industrial environments.


  • Display real-time system status information and alerts

  • Communicate to customers in lobby/waiting areas

  • Communicate messages directly to supervisory personnel in the office, plant, shipping/receiving, etc. regarding meetings, announcements, schedule changes, policy updates, sales and quality reports and more

  • Display critical real-time production information such as efficiency levels, production schedules/changes, system status information and alerts, and other select data

  • Transmit emergency announcements, department objectives, financial and sales goals, weather updates, etc.

  • Communicate operation instructions

Hand Held Remote Programmer

A 54 key hand held remote control keyboard including batteries with easy to understand programming instructions is available — MC-RP

Infrared Message Loader with 3 foot cable and 9V battery — MC-RIRL

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RS232 Serial Port Female 25 Pin to RJ11


RS232 Serial Port Female 9 Pin to Male 25 Pin


RS232 Serial Port Female 9 Pin to RJ11


RS232 25 Foot Cable With 2 RJ11s


RS232 50 Foot Cable With 2 RJ11s


RS485 8 Foot Cable


Converter Box With 2 EOL Terminators


AC Adapter for Converter Box (10W, 120V Input, 9V Output)


End-Of-Line Terminator


1 Foot RS485 Cable With 2 RJ11s and Ferrite For Network Drops


8 Foot RS485 Cable With 2 RJ11s and Ferrite For Network Drops


Infrared Remote


Individual Message Center
120VAC 60Hz




Agency Approvals
SafetyEN 60950 C120V power supply is UL Listed/CSA Certified EMIFCC Class B
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