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A Signal for every industry and Signal for every need. That’s Edwards Signaling.  We’ve been the leader in Signals since 1872 and not only have our signals gotten better they’ve gotten smarter too with signals for automation, PLC compatibility and Intelligent analog fire alarm detection systems. 

Whether you have a hazardous location like an oil refinery or chemical plant, a small office or commercial space, a manufacturing facility or a doctor’s office Edwards has just the right signal for all your needs.


Edwards' quality and innovation have earned it the largest Industrial, OEM and Commercial installed base in the market. In fact, our products are so widely accepted, their specifications have become the industry standard.

From the bells that begin and end each session of the New York Stock Exchange to the complex signaling systems in petrochemical plants, Edwards’ signals are behind more success stories than any other. Put them behind yours, too. The Future is Bright!