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Edwards A Signal for Every Signal Need!

Edwards has been the leading company supplying signaling devices since 1872, when Edwards and Company was founded by Robert Edwards & David Rousseau.

That says it all for Edwards. Because no other company offers so many visual, audible and combination signals -- to alert and inform you of whatever condition might exist. Edwards' quality and innovation have earned it the largest Industrial, OEM and Commercial installed base in the market. In fact, our products are so widely accepted, their specifications have become the industry standard. So if you want to make finding the right signal easy, just watch. And listen. All your Signal Solutions can be found through one source. Edwards.

The leader in signals since 1872! Our 132 years of industry leadership is stronger than ever -- as demonstrated by Edwards History -- ensuring you get the most advanced devices today's technology has to offer. And we make our technology easy to understand, with advice, documentation and training that show Edwards signals in action. From the bells that begin and end each session of the New York Stock Exchange to the complex signaling systems in petrochemical plants, Edwards signals are behind more success stories than any other. Put them behind yours, too.

Everything for early detection and warning of heat, smoke and fire in a complete fire alarm system. With the conveyance of single-source code compatibility and compliance. Edwards provides solutions like ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors. Manual single- and double-action pull stations. A complete line of synchronous strobes and combination signaling devices. Three five and ten zone control panels. 64 point and 254 point addressable control panels.  Electromagnetic door holders and other fire alarm accessories.

Signal Solutions for Industrial facilities!
Meeting the diverse needs of industrial applications with the broadest line of indoor, weatherproof and hazardous-location signaling products. So the same signal can warn of the same condition in every area of the facility. Edwards provides solutions like air horns, Duotronic® horns and sirens. Stackable flashing, steady-on or strobe lights. Telecode® electronic and electromechanical phone-activated relays. Adaptatone® signals with 19 field-programmable tones. And more.

Signal Solutions for hazardous locations.
All the sights and sounds for hazardous locations. With the Class, Division, Group and NEMA ratings to sastify code and OSHA requirements. Edwards provides solutions like weatherproof air horns and electromechanical signals, Class I and II division 1 and 2 rotating lights and strobes. The new, cost-effective Division 2 AdaptaTone field-programmable multi-tone device and the Division 2 AdaptaBeacon® signals.