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872DPO / 873DPO Series

AdaptaHorn Double Projector Vibrating Horn Indoor Applications


  • PLC compatible models

  • Corrosion resistant finish

  • Volume adjustable

  • Completely assembled

The Edwards 872DPO AC & 873DPO DC Series are low-current, high decibel double projector vibrating horns for heavy-duty use. The double projector is designed for bi-directional signaling without decibel loss. Supplied complete with Adaptaplate® for easy installation.

Supplied Adataplate allows quick plug-in connection. Horn simply plugs into receptacle on mounting plate. See Adaptahorn Installation and Accessories which can be found under Catalog Pages on the left hand side of this page. Also mounts on any single gang, 3 1/4" (83mm), 3 1/2" (89mm), 4" (102mm) octagon, or 4" (102mm) square box.

Used in industrial, commercial, and institutional applications for timing, paging, and alarm signaling. Typical applications include signaling equipment malfunction, security, and employee communication.

872DPO / 873DPO Series

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Indoor Double Projector Vibrating Horn
24VAC 50/60Hz, 0.63A


Indoor Double Projector Adaptahorn
120 VAC 50/60 Hz, 0.13 A


Indoor Double Projector Vibrating Horn
240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.07A


Indoor Double Projector Vibrating Horn
24VDC, 0.16A


Indoor Double Projector Vibrating Horn
125VDC, 0.025A


Indoor Double Projector Vibrating Horn
250VDC, 0.014A




Agency Approvals
UL Listed FM Approved (872DPO Series)
  • Operating range: -20% to +10% of nominal voltage
  • Heavy duty die-cast housing

872DPO AC Series

  • Adjustable output: 78 to 101 dB
  • 400 hour rating at 50% duty cycle

873DPO DC Series

  • Adjustable output: 78 to 99 dB
  • 200 hour rating

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