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105XBRi Series

Chameleon XTRA-BRITE LED Multi-Status Indicator in NEMA 4X Enclosures


The Edwards 105XBRi Series XTRA-BRITETM LED Multi-Status Indicator is a heavy duty, reliable UL and cUL listed, multi-color visual signaling device. It features a corrosion resistant Type 4X enclosure that is UL Listed for Marine use, and can be panel or conduit mounted. The base is manufactured from glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyester resin and the double fresnel lens is made of shatter resistant polycarbonate. 

  • XTRA-SAFETM Technology enables status indication for those who are color blind

  • Available in 24V DC or 120V AC

  • Available in Red/Blue/Amber or Red/Green/Amber

  • Three mounting bases: 3/4" pipe mount attachment, outlet box attachment, or wall mounting bracket

  • PLC Compatible

  • Dip switch settings for use with or without extneral control

  • 100,000 hour light source life

  • Immune to shock and vibration

  • 31°F to 150°F (-35° to 66°C) operating temperature

The lights are available in 24V DC and 120V AC @ 50/60 Hz, in either Red/Blue/Amber or Red/Green/Amber.

Edwards Signaling's NEW 105XBRi Multi-status Indicator is more "chameleon-like" than ever. New Adaptive Design: One device does it all

With a quick change to the new 105XBRi Chameleon’s dip switch settings, these flexible multi-status indicators instantly adapt for use with or without control from an external PLC, PAC, or control relay. Now, regardless of the application, you will have just the right device for the job.

The Chameleon 105XBRi devices ship as standard with Edwards Signaling's XTRA-SAFETM Technology (patent pending) Enabled. XTRA-SAFE multi-status indicating devices employ patented combinations of color AND flash-rate to provide more definite status indication to those who are color-blind. With XTRA-SAFE, when Chameleon multi-status indicators are turned red, they pulse at a rate of 240 flashes per minute, further emphasizing the urgency which the color red typically connotes. When amber, these devices pulse at a "less urgent" rate of 120 flashes per minute. When Chameleon multi-status indicators are turned blue or green and no other colors are energized, the Chameleon devices remain "steady-on" and do not flash. Even in extreme cases where no color is perceived, flash-rate variation provides a redundant layer of visual indication.

When XTRA-SAFE Technology is enabled, and multiple colors are energized, the device will cycle through the energized colors at the following pre-set flash-rates:

Red: 240 FPM
Amber: 120 FPM
Green or Blue: 65 FPM

XTRA-SAFE Disabled
While in most cases, the added layer of safety gained by operating a multi-status indicator with XTRA-SAFE Technology is desirable, some applications may not require differentiation in flash rates. In other applications, changes do not correspond to escalating levels of urgency. The adaptive design of the new Chameleon 105 XBRi allows the product to be adapted to accommodate these requirements through simple dip switch configuration. With XTRA-SAFE Disabled, when red or amber, the unit pulses at a rate of 65 flashes per minute. When Chameleon multi-status indicators are turned green or blue and no other colors are energized, the Chameleon devices remain "steady on" and do not flash.
When XTRA-SAFE Technology is disabled, and multiple colors are energized, the device will cycle through all energized colors at 65 FPM.

Externally Controlled
The Chameleon multi-status indicators can also be used in applications where they will be controlled "externally" using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or other such external controller. When externally controlled by a PLC, activation of colors and flash-rate are fully customizable, and can be programmatically determined. In applications, where multiple colors are activated simultaneously, the lights operate on a priority with red highest, amber second and blue or green, the lowest.

The Chameleon has three different configurations for mounting that include the 105BX junction box, the 105BM mounting bracket and the 105PM pipe mount attachment. The unit can be mounted on 3/4" NPT using the 105PM pipe attachment. It can also be surface mounted using the 105BM mounting bracket with the 105BX junction box.

All three mounting options are non-conductive plastic fixtures and do not provide earth-ground continuity when attached to metallic wiring systems. They are intended for use with the 105XBRi Chameleon visual signals only when earth-grounding is not required. They can only be used with metallic wiring systems when installed at the end of the run.

105XBRi Series

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Wall Mounting Bracket


Outlet Box Attachment


Replacement Lens


Pipe Mount Attachment


105XBRi Chameleon
120V AC 50/60 Hz, 0.100A


105XBRi Chameleon
24V DC, 0.150A


105XBRi Chameleon
120V AC 50/60 Hz, 0.100A


105XBRi Chameleon
24V DC, 0.150A




Agency Approvals

  • UL 1638 & 1604 Listed

  • UL Listed NEMA 4X Enclosure

  • UL Listed for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D; Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G and Class III locations

  • Marine UL 595 Listed, Category UXUB

  • Marine UL 1598A Listed

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