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Carbon Monoxide Detector


The Kidde 260-CO is a commercial grade carbon monoxide (CO) detector that can be connected to a UL listed control panel.  It is an accurate and reliable means of alerting building occupants of potentially dangerous levels of CO in a protected area.  The internal electro-chemical sensor communicates with a sophisticated on-board microprocessor that accurately tracks CO levels over time.

The 260-CO has a longer than normal, 10 year service life, compared to 6 years for most others.  When the detector approaches end of life, a warning is indicated at the detector as well as the control panel the detector is connected to.

An integral temporal 4 sounder activates when the detector alarms.  The detector can also be tandem connected to other 260-COs so that when one goes into alarm, the sounders in the others also activate.

Features include:
-10 year end-of-life signal
-SafeTestTM feature - functional test with spray of real CO gas
-Wiring option activates sounders of all connected detectors when any one of them goes into alarm
-UL 2075 compliant
-Built in alarm relay
-Built in trouble/power supervision relay
-One-touchTEST/HUSH button
-Tandem connection capability (one alarms, multiple sound)
-Advanced electro-chemical sensing technology


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Carbon Monoxide Detector


Reverse Polarity Relay


Adaptor plate for use when replacing the 240-COe CO detector




Agency Approvals



- Voltage: 12 or 24Vdc
- Current:  20mA supervisory; 40mA alarm
- Alarm relay:  Form C, rated for 150mA @ 33Vdc
- Trouble relay:  Form A, rated for 150mA @ 33Vdc
- Sounder:  85dB
- Operating temperature:  40 to 100F (4.4 to 37.8C)
- Relative humidity:  10 to 90%, non-condensing
- Mounting:  single-gang, 2-1/2" deep
- UL 2075 compliant
- CO sensitivity conforms to UL 2034 requirements