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5542 Series

Millennium Remote Paging Unit


  • Weatherproof when mounted with 5542WPK

  • Optional Desk Microphone

  • Removable Microphones

5542RPU Remote Paging Unit
Sends audio page to, and is powered by the 5540MP-24Y6. UL and cUL Listed. Input is received from a microphone input or audio pair signal source such as phone PBX. Indoor, Type 2 enclosure when flush wall mounted. Indoor, Type 12 or 2 when mounted to outdoor listed 4" square utility box. Outdoor, Type 3R and Indoor Type 12 or 2 when mounted with 5542WPK to outdoor listed 4" square utility box.

5542RPU-M Remote Paging Unit
Same as 5542RPU but includes 5542MIC-H Hand Held Microphone.

5542MIC-H Hand Held Microphone
Optional. May be plugged into 5542RPU either permanently or as needed.

5542MIC-D Desktop Microphone
Optional. May be plugged into 5542RPU either permanent or as needed.

5542WPK Weatherproof Mounting Kit
Optional. Intended for use with 5542RPU or 5542RPU-M to provide Type 3R outdoor protection for the 5542RPU series.

Weatherproof mounting kit for use with the 5542 Series Remote Paging Unit. The mounting ki8t is UL Listed, CSA Certified and has a Type 3R rating when mounted to the weatherproof box (included).

MR-201/C Relay
Optional. Used to enable the audio output from the 5540MP-24Y6 to override output from other sources to the same 5532B or 5532BHV series, 5532M or 5532MHV series, 5536M or 5536MHV series, and 5545B series products in the system.

5542 Series

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Hand Held Microphone


Remote Paging Unit


Remote Paging Unit


Weatherproof Mounting Kit