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INT-05 Series

Safety Expansion Relay



  • Adds 3 safe outputs when used with Sentrol Safety Relays INT-03 and INT-04

  • Maintains safety circuit integrity by providing feedback to INT-03 or INT-04 to inhibit machine restart in case of component failure

  • Electrical isolation between input and output

  • Switches AC or DC loads

  • DIN Rail or panel mount

  • LEDs indicate relay status

The INT-05-024 or INT-05-120 Expansion Safety Relay is intended for use as a part of a safety circuit.  It provides three additional safe output contacts when used with the INT-03 Safety Monitoring Relay or INT-04 Emergency-Stop Safety Relay.

The INT-05 uses positive-guided relays along with feedback contact to the INT-03 or INT-04 safety relay to prevent machine start-up in the event of a component failure.

Voltage to the INT-05 is switched through the contacts of the INT-03 or INT-04.  If a component failure occurs, the feedback loop to the INT-03 or INT-04 prevents machine restart.

INT-05 Series

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Safety Expansion Relay 24 VDC
Input: 24VDC, Safe Outputs: 3 N.O.




Agency Approvals

cULus Recognized (E57361)


Control Inputs (X1, X2 & Y1, Y2 terminals)
Open-circuit voltage = 24VDC
Closed-circuit current = 24mA resistance = 30 Ohms
Simultaneity = 500 ms typical

Safe Outputs (A,B/C,D/E,F terminals)
Voltage = 230 VAC/60VDC
Current = 4A (resistive)
Response time = ON:  < 40 ms, OFF: <30 ms
Fuse = 4A, 250V, 5 x 20 mm, F/T

AUX. Signaling Outputs (F1,F2 terminals)
Voltage = 120 VAC/30VDC
Current = 1A (resistive)

Note: Transient protection is required across the load when switching an inductive load.


A. With voltage applied to control inputs via INT-03 or INT-04 output contacts, relay energizes
B. With control voltage removed, relay de-energizes
C. If an internal failure has occurred, feedback loop will not close thereby disabling INT-03 or