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INT-03 Series

INT Monitor Relay "Integrity Series"



  • Meets European Machine Safety Standards, Risk Category 4

  • Designed for use with 300-BT Series GuardSwitch

  • Requires both normally-open and normally-closed inputs

  • Inhibits machine restart in case of component failure

  • Provides 2 safe outputs plus a form C output for signaling

  • Low current for longer GuardSwitch life

  • DIN Rail or panel mount

  • LED power on indicator

The INT-03-024 or INT-03-120, Safety Monitor Relay is intended for use as a part of a safety circuit in guard interlock applications.  It is a safety relay which used positive-guided relays, configured for self-checking, to inhibit machine start-up in the event of an internal component failure.

Both normally-open and normally-closed inputs are required.  Multiple N.O. contacts can be wired in series while multiple N.C. contacts can be wired in parallel.  Upon failure of either the N.O. or N.C. contact, the relay will prevent restart.

The INT-03 relay can also monitor contacts on external relays for controlling expansion block relays (INT-05 and INT-06).

INT-03 Series

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INT-03 Monitor Relay 24VDC
Input: 24VDC, Safe Outputs: 2 N.O., Aux. Output: SPDT


INT-03 Monitor Relay 120VAC
Input: 120VAC, Safe Outputs: 2 N.O., Aux. Output: SPDT




Agency Approvals

cULus Recognized (E122942)


Control Inputs (X1, X2 & Y1, Y2 terminals)
Open-circuit voltage = 24VDC
Closed-circuit current = 24mA resistance = 30 Ohms
Simultaneity = 500 ms typical

Safe Outputs (A,B/C,D terminals)
Voltage = 230 VAC/60VDC
Current = 4A (resistive)
Response time = < 100 ms
Fuse = 4A, 250V, 5 x 20 mm, F/T

AUX. Signaling Outputs (E,F,G terminals)
Voltage = 120 VAC/30VDC
Current = 1A (resistive)
Note: Transient protection is required across the load when switching an inductive load.

A. With a RESTART button from Terminal 1 to 2, INT-03 energizes after all guards are in place
    and RESET button is pressed (monitored contacts must also be closed).
B. With a jumper from Terminal 1 to 2, INT-03 energizes when all guards are in place
C. With no connection from Terminal 1 or 2, INT-03 will not energize.


Installation Instructions