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391-BT GuardSwitch Series

Safety Switch


This seamless stainless steel highly defeat resistant safety switch is ideal for corrosive, machine oil, and extreme wash-down environments such as food and meat processing.


  • Machine Tool Machinery

  • Withstands Corrosive and Extreme Washdown Environments

  • Packaging Machinery

  • Food Processing Machinery

  • Presses

  • Meets ANSI, Semi S2 & European Safety Standard for the Hightest Machine Risk Category 4 when used with the INT Safety Relay

391-BT GuardSwitch Series

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DPST: 1 NO, 1 NC, 12Ft. 18/4 SJTOW
Stainless Steel
See data sheet


DPST: 1 NO, 1 NC w/LED, 12Ft. 22/4 Jacketed
Stainless Steel
See data sheet


TPST 2 NO, 1 NC w/LED, 12 Ft. 22/6 Jacketed
Stainless Steel
See data sheet


TPST 2 NO, 1 NC w/LED, 20 Ft. 22/6 Jacketed
Stainless Steel
See data sheet




Agency Approvals

cULus Recognized (E122942)
CSA Certified (LR89176)
NEMA Ratings:  1, 2, 4, 4X, 5, 12, 12K
Protection Class:  IP67


Enclosure:    Seamless 304 Stainless Steel

Temperature Range :  -40F to 180F (-40C to 80C)

Environmental:   Hermetically sealed contact switch encapsulated in polyurethane

Response time (individual circuits):   1 msec
  - The two circuits do not switch simultaneously and depend on the speed of the guard
  - A delay less than 50 msec is typical.

Life cycles:   100,000 under full load; up to 200,000,00 under dry circuit

Lead Types:  
  - 18/4 SJTOW (K) / 0.34" (0.86cm)
  - 22/4 PVC Jacketed (J) / 0.19" (0.48cm)