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INT-22.5R1-24 Series

Safety Monitor Relay



- Basic device to EN 60204-1 and EN 954-1
- Safety category 4 to EN954-1
- Stop category 0 to EN 60204-1
- Manual or automatic start
- Cross monitoring
- Feedback circuit for monitoring external contactors
- 3 enabling current paths
- Equivalent and non-equivalent activation

This device is a two-channel safety switching device with self-monitoring on each ON-OFF cycle.  It conforms to EN 60204-1 and is equipped with positively driven relays.  It is intended for monitoring connected switching elements on separating safety devices and generating a safety-oriented output signal (enable).  Depending on the design, separating safety devices may include protective screens, safety doors, enclosures, covers, screens, etc.

Basic Function:   After supply voltage has been connected to terminals A1/A2 and the safety inputs closed, operating the reset button closes the enabling current paths (manual start).  When the safety inputs are opened the enabling current paths will open.

Operating modes / system functions

Two-channel activation
  The device uses two-channel activation.  With equivalent activation safety channel CH2 via negative potential.  With non-equivalent activation both safety channels are connected to positive potential.

Cross-monitoring   With equivalent activation cross monitoring is achieved by means of the short-circuit principle; with non-equivalent activation it is achieved through functional density.

Manual start   When the safety inputs are closed, a button is used to close reset input S34 and then open it again (triggering with failing edge) or to close reset input S35 (triggering with rising edge).

Automatic start   Reset input S35 is connected to S33/S14.  The device starts with the rising edge of the signal on safety input S14.

Starting lockout   After supply voltage has been connected and the safety inputs closed, the enabling paths will not close.  Starting is only possible after the reset button has been operated.  For starting lockout the reset inputs have to be activated with the button as in manual start mode.

Restarting lockout   No restart after the safety inputs have been opened and closed.  Restarting is only possible after the reset button has been operated.  For restarting lockout the reset inputs have to be activated with the button, as in manual start mode.

Synchro-check   Synchro-check is only possible in automatic start mode (bridge S33/S14-S35).  After safety channel CH1, safety channel CH2 must close (S24) or open (S22) within the synchronous time ts.  If CH2 closes or opens before CH1, the synchronous time ts = infinity.

INT-22.5R1-24 Series

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GuardSwitch Safety Monitor Relay
Grey, Yellow Cap
Input: 24AC/DC, Safe Outputs: 3 N.O.




Agency Approvals

UL Listed
CSA Certified
CE Listed


Power  Circuitry
Rated voltage:  24 V AC/DC, 115-120V AC, 230V AC
Rated power DC:  2.0W
Rated power AC:  2.6W / 3.2 VA
Residual ripple U = 2.4 V
Rated frequency:  50 to 60 Hz
Protection for control circuit suipply:  Short-circuit-proof (DC devices: PTC thermistor / AC devices: short-circuit-proof transformer)

Control Circuit
Outputs S13, S23
Rated output voltage S13, S23:  22V DC
No-load voltage AC device: <40V
Ouptut current:  100 mA
Short-circuit-proof / current limiting:  Yes / No
Inputs S14/S33, S22, S24, S34, S35
Input voltage range (for external supply, only on DC devices):  17.4V DC to 26.4V DC
Rated  current / peak current S14/S33, S22, S24:  40 mA / 100 mA
Rated current / peak current S34, S35:  5 mA / 50 mA
Permissible test pulse time t / test frequency:  < 1000 microseconds / < 10 s
Operate time t S34:  20 ms to 40 ms
Operate time t S35:  200 ms to 600 ms
Operate time t:  100 ms to 400 ms
Min. ON time tm S34, S35:  >80 ms
Synchronous time t CH1 before CH2:  approx. 200 ms
Recovery time t:  > 100 ms
Release time t K1, K2:  < 25 ms

Output Circuit
Enabling paths
Contact equipment:  3 NO contacts, positively driven
Rated switching voltage U:  280V AC / 800 V DC
Maximum continuous current l per current path:  6A
Maximum total current for all current paths:  12A @ 24V AC/DC, 8A @ 115 - 120V AC, 230V AC
Mechanical service life:  10 x 10e6 Switching Cycles

General Data
Clearance/creepage distance between circuits:  EN 60947-1:12.99
Over-voltage category:  III
Rated impulse withstand level:  4 kV
Contamination level of device:  inside / outside:  2 / 3
Rated voltage:  300 V
Power-frequency test voltage:  2 kV
Protection class to DIN VDE 0470 Part 1: housing / terminals:  IP 40 / IP 20
Ambient / storage tmperature:  -25 to 55C / -25 to +75C
Climatic application class:  H V G to DIN 40040: 04:87
Weight:  DC device / AC device:  0.21 kg / 0.25 kg

Terminals and connection
Single-core or finely stranded:  1 x 0.14 sq mm to 2.5 sq mm, 2 x 0.14 sq mm to 0.75 sq mm
Stripping length:  max. 8 mm
finely stranded with wire-end ferrute to DIn 46228:  1 x 0.25 sq mm to 2.5 sq mm, 2 x 0.25 sq mm to 0.5 sq mm
Max. lightening torque:  0.5 to 0.6 Nm