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Safety Switches

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200 FailSafe GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch - FailSafe

The FailSafe Guardswitch is designed as a safety interlock to be attached to a machine's guard or door.  Unlike a... learn more

301-BT GuardSwitch Series

Safety Switch

The 301-BT are stainless steel, highly defeat resistant switches that are ideal for harsh environments and wash-down applications.Applications Requiring Highly... learn more

341-BT GuardSwitch Series

Safety Switch

This small, highly defeat resistant switch has Kynar® housing which makes it ideal for wash-down and chemical environments. Applications -... learn more

371-BT GuardSwitch Explosion Proof

Safety Switch

The 371-BT is a defeat resistant switch ideal for environments where combustibles are being used such as in mining, grain... learn more

381-BT GuardSwitch Series

Safety Switch

The 381-BT Series DPST safety interlock switch is designed for use with safety monitored relays or monitored circuits. To achieve... learn more

391-BT GuardSwitch Series

Safety Switch

This seamless stainless steel highly defeat resistant safety switch is ideal for corrosive, machine oil, and extreme wash-down environments such as food... learn more

INT-03 Series

INT Monitor Relay "Integrity Series"

Applications Meets European Machine Safety Standards, Risk Category 4 Designed for use with 300-BT Series GuardSwitch Requires both normally-open and... learn more

INT-04 Series

Emergency-Stop Safety Relay

Applications Monitors both contact on E-stop buttons Incorporates loop break detection for floor mat sensing Provides 2 safe outputs plus... learn more

INT-05 Series

Safety Expansion Relay

Applications Adds 3 safe outputs when used with Sentrol Safety Relays INT-03 and INT-04 Maintains safety circuit integrity by providing... learn more

INT-22.5R1-24 Series

Safety Monitor Relay

Applications - Basic device to EN 60204-1 and EN 954-1- Safety category 4 to EN954-1- Stop category 0 to EN... learn more

Mechanical Safety Switches

Safety Switches

General Description Safety switches are used to detect the opening of machine guard doors, gates or panels and to prevent... learn more