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500 & 700 Series Smoke Detectors

Conventional 24Vdc Photoelectric Smoke Detectors


The Kidde 500 & 700 series of conventional smoke detectors are 24Vdc photoelectric smoke detectors designed to be connected to UL compatible fire alarm panels.

Some of the features (depending on model number) include:
- Built in drift compensation.  Detector adjusts to the environment to reduce false alarms.
- CleanMe self diagnostics.  Detector will give a trouble indication if not calibrated properly or is dirty.
- Field replaceable smoke chamber for easy cleaning.
- Magnet test.  Alarm the detector with a magent, and even check sensitivity (no meters needed).
- Models available with heat sensor and sounder base.

500 & 700 Series Smoke Detectors

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Photoelectric Smoke Detector with CleanMe
6 to 33Vdc


Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat Sensor


Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector with Relay
8.5 - 33Vdc


Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector with Sounder
8.5 to 33Vdc


Base for 700 Series Smokes


Photoelectric Smoke Detector


Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat