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1500 Series

Door Holder Extension Rods Adjustable Extensions


  • Two models

  • Adjustable from 6 3/8" to 12"

  • Employs existing mounting hardware

  • Supplied complete with all necessary allen wrenches

  • Powder epoxy aluminum finish

  • Mounting hardware included

The Edwards 1500 Series Door Holder Extension Rods are for use where it is desired to hold doors open and where a standoff distance between the magnet assembly and the armature base is required.

The extension kit can be used with Edwards 1504, 1505, 1508 and 1509 series door holders.

Cat. Number Door to Wall Distance Description
1504 3 7/16" Employs long armature base
1505 2 7/16" Employs small armature base
1508 4 1/16" Employs small armature base &
surface mount back box
1509 1 27/32" Employs small armature base

1500 Series

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12" Extension Rod for Door Holders


7" Extension Rod for Door Holders



  • Cat. No. 1500-7 extension range: 6.37" (162mm) to 8" (203mm)*
  • Cat. No. 1500-12 extension range: 8.37" (213mm) to 12" (305mm)*

* Extension ranges listed are from door to tip of catch plate using small armature. Consult each door holder for specific dimensions as each one mounts differently.