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B-8322 and B-8323 Series

Mechanical Telecode RelaysWeatherproof


  • Long-life tungsten contacts

  • Gray finish

  • High grade copper coils

  • Cast aluminum back box and cover

The Edwards weatherproof, electro-mechanical telecode relays are designed to activate up to 5 vibrating-type horns, buzzers, and bells. The unit's windings are rated in ohms rather than volts. Wire size and number of turns vary with resistance requirements.

The B-8323 series relay is supplied with a capacitor; the B-8322 series is not. If a capacitor is required, order the Cat. No. B-8325 one micro farad, 400V capacitor with bracket.

Unit mounts to any flat surface using the mounting lugs on 6 3/4" (171mm) centers. Use 1/2" (13mm) conduit for input and output wiring.

Relays operating on AC ringing voltage and used on common battery circuits require capacitors. Relays operating on DC ringing voltages do not require capacitors unless energized by a common battery.

For areas where ambient noise levels are high or where personnel are unable to be near telephones at all times such as factories, loading docks, mines, quarries, lumber yards, gas stations, foundries, etc.

Ordering Information
Specify pull up coil resistance, voltage, and frequency data. For standard phone system ringing circuits, specify same coil resistance as bell ringer coils. For intercommunicating phone ringing circuits, specify relays of same voltage and frequency as ringing circuit.

B-8322 and B-8323 Series

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Weatherproof Mechanical Telecode Relay 1600 Ohms


Weatherproof Mechanical Telecode Relay 2500 Ohms


Weatherproof Mechanical Telecode Relay 3000 Ohms


Weatherproof Mechanical Telecode Relay 2500 Ohms




Agency Approvals
UL 2017 Listed B-8323 Series is registered with the FCC in Compliance with Part 68 of FCC Rules and Regulations (No. 329USA-21250-RG-N)
  • Normally open circuit relay
  • Two shading coils prevent armature chatter

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