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Remote Line Powered Horn/StrobeHooks up with RJ-11 plug


  • Xenon strobe lamp

  • Solid state circuitry

  • Polycarbonate white translucent lens with black lettering

  • Piezo horn - warble tone output

The Edwards B-KHE-1000-PP remote line powered phone horn/strobe operates on standard AC ringing voltage (85 - 115V AC) to provide remote audible and visual indication of a ringing telephone. The units injected molded housing and cover assure security.

The unit operates on the ringing voltage and matches the ringing cycle of the telephone.

Horn/strobe easily installs to telephone using a modular telephone jack. Cord and jack not supplied.

For wide area coverage in noisy areas such as machine shops and equipment operating areas.


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Agency Approvals
Registered with the FCC in compliance with Part 68 of FCC Rules and Regulations (No. 329USA-21250-RG-N)
  • REN No: 3.7B
  • Strobe: 3 to 7 flashes per cycle
  • Horn: 94dB at 5 feet (1.52m) volume adjustable
  • AC activation voltage: 85 - 115V
  • Ringing frequency: 16 to 70 Hz


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