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Electronic Telecode RelayWeatherproof


  • Hardwired unit

  • AC or DC activation voltage

The Edwards B-ERW-2100 Electronic Telecode Relay is designed to activate remote extension signals such as horns, bells, strobes, or similar devices. The relay is activated by the line ringing voltage of the telephone; operation of the connected signal matches the telephone ringing cycle. The unit is designed for outdoor use.

Unit mounts to any flat surface using the supplied hardware. Use 1/2" (13mm) conduit for input and output wiring. All telephone, power input, and signal output connections are made inside the unit.

For outdoor areas where ambient noise levels are high or where personnel are unable to be near telephones at all times. Recommended for factories, loading docks, assembly areas, lumber yards, and gas stations.


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Agency Approvals
UL 2017 Listed Registered with the FCC in compliance with Part 68 of FCC Rules and Regulations (No. 329USA-21250-RG-N)
  • REN No:
    • 1.5B @ > 50V
    • 3.4B @ < 50V

  • AC activation voltage: 10 - 250V
  • Ringing frequency: 16 to 70 Hz
  • DC Keying Voltage: 10 -150V
  • Contact rating: 5 amps at 120V AC


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