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7930 & 7930L

Wall Stations


  • Stainless steel face plate
  • May use either single or dual button calling cords
The Edwards 7930 & 7930L Wall Stations provide convenient call activation. Calls are placed by activating a locking button calling cord. The 7930L has a lamp on the front of the unit which illuminates when a call is made, thereby assuring the patient that the call has been properly placed. Calls are automatically placed if the calling cord is accidentally pulled from the receptacle. Calling cord must be ordered separately.

Use in medical buildings, assisted living facilities, and in private and semi-private rooms.

7930 & 7930L

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Pull Cord Emergency Station
24VAC 60Hz



  • 24V AC (Use Cat. No. 88-50 or 88-100 transformer.)
  • Contact rating: 2 amps


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