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CFA Series - 7005-G5

Hotel Room Annunciator Kit


  • Kit includes 6536-G5 Horn/Strobe, 592 Transformer and 620 Push Button

  • Neutral white color

  • Fits single gang box

  • 92dB Buzzer at 1 meter/82dB at 10 ft.

The Edwards 7005-G5 Hotel Room Annunciator is for use in hotel rooms and other areas designed to accommodate those with audible, visual, or physical impairments. The kit consists of a 6536-G5 horn/strobe for audible and visual signaling, a 620 push button, a 147-10 mounting plate, and a 592 transformer. Each component may also be ordered individually. 

6536-G5 Horn/Strobe
The 6536-G5 Horn/Strobe is designed for use in a single gang 2" (51mm) x 4" (102) box located over doors. Each unit contains an audible horn signal which generates an 82 dBA sound pressure level at 10 ft. and a high intensity strobe.

592 Transformer
The Edwards 592 transformer is used to power the horn/strobe. It is equipped with a grounding wire and is suitable for installation in both plastic and metal boxes.

620 Push Button
The 620 push button station provides call activation when installed in the 147-10 mounting plate. The plate has a stainless steel face. The switch is momentary.

CFA Series - 7005-G5

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Hotel Room Annunciator Kit
24VDC, 0.125A; 24VAC 50/60Hz, 0.175A




Agency Approvals

  • UL 1638 Listed - Horn/Strobe

  • Transformer primary: 120V AC; secondary: 24V AC
  • Horn/strobe current draw: 175 mA at 24V 50/60 Hz; 125 mA at 24V DC
  • Strobe output: 50 cd on-axis


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