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Push Buttons

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147 Series - 147-1 and 149-1

Push Button Plate

Standard switch box mounting Stainless steel The Edwards 147-1 Push Button Switch Plate is used for mounting 620 and 690... learn more

147 Series - 147-10

Push Button Plate

Used as a switch plate outside hotel rooms accessible to the heraing impaired Stainless steel faceplate Suitable for use with... learn more


Weatherproof Push Button

Surface mount Heavy die-cast construction Normally open contacts The 1785 weatherproof push button is constructed of a cast aluminum rim... learn more

1786 Series

Weatherproof Push Buttons For Outdoor Use

Surface mount Solid brass construction Normally open momentary contacts Attractive high quality weatherproof push button. The push button has a... learn more


Door Trip

Non insulated Low voltage Zinc plated The Catalog 236 door trip is a low voltage contact device for external mounting.... learn more

250 and 255

Multiple Contact Low Voltage - High Amperage Push Buttons

Fully insulated Multiple contacts The Catalog 250 is a low voltage, high amperage push button designed for simultaneous operation of... learn more

44- 45 & 46E

Rolling Ball Contactors

Fast installation Low voltage The Catalog 44, 45 and 46E rolling ball contactors are insulated, rugged devices that operate from... learn more

501A-G, 502A & 503A

Door Light Switches

All purpose electric door switch Normally open or normally closed switches available 501A-G may be wired either normally open or... learn more


Low Voltage - High Amperage Push Button

Snap fit for 3/4" (19mm) hole Normally open momentary contacts Low voltage, high amperage push button designed for 3/4" (19... learn more

60 Series

Magnetic Switches

Normally open, normally closed or SPDT switches available Cat. No. 63 magnetic switch is supplied complete with 66-W Insulating Spacer,... learn more

600 & 603 Series

Low Voltage Push Button

Surface mounted, round Solid brass construction Large accessible terminals Attractive, traditional push button designed for long service. Use for home,... learn more

600 Series

Low Voltage Push Buttons

Surface mounted Piano type action Plastic case - rust proof Illuminated & non-illuminated Patented piano-action design requires only the slightest... learn more

602 & 605 Series

Low Voltage Push Buttons

Surface mounted Solid brass construction Large accessible terminals 602 Series Dual buttons Two name card holders 605 Series Three buttons... learn more

620 Series

Low Voltage Industrial Push ButtonsPanel Mount

Polished chrome or brass Insulated for mounting on metal cabinets Snap fit Low voltage, panel mount push buttons with large... learn more

656 Series

Deluxe Low Voltage Push ButtonIlluminated

Surface mounted Continuously illuminated Piano type action Polished housings with exclusive, patented piano-action design that requires only the slightest touch.... learn more

66 67 and 68

Magnetic Switch Accessories

Magnetic switch insulating spacers, terminal covers, and mounting brackets Edwards magnetic switches are designed to activate a variety of signaling... learn more