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Photoelectric Smoke Detector for Adverse Locations


The V9006-0001-013 hazardous location smoke detector has been designed for use in Division 2  hazardous industrial and commercial locations. It is a sensitive yet rugged, state-of-the-art, life safety device. The detector is designed to operate effectively with both slow smoldering and fast burning fires.

The V9006-0001-013 detector uses a solid state infrared emitting diode (IRED) and a light sensing photovoltaic cell arranged in a labyrinth assembly. Such an assembly permits free access to smoke but restricts external light. A light beam from an IRED with associated optics is projected across the interior of the labyrinth into a light catcher. A recessed photodiode provides voltage for amplification to "alarm signal" level. The main enclosure of the detector contains the electronics, alarm relay, supervision relay and facilities for connection to system wiring.

For use in combustible storage facilities, munitions manufacturing, volatile chemical storage, chemical processing plants, petroleum refineries, turbine enclosures or any hazardous location where photoelectric smoke detection is required.


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