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PAM-1, MR Series

Fire Alarm Control & Supervision Relays


Encapsulated 10 amp relay
May be energized by one of three input voltages
Red LED which illuminates when relay coil is energized
6" wire leads

The PAM-1 may be mounted by using the double-sided adhesive tape, the self-drilling screw, or loosely placed in the back box. It is ideal for applications where remote relays are required for control or status feedback.

MR Series 
May be energized from multiple input voltages
Red LED which illuminates when the coil is energized (MR100 / 200 series)
Dustproof metal enclosure with LED viewing port available (MR100 / 200 series)
Track mounting hardware for installation in standard cabinets
UL Listed as control unit accessory

The MR Series Multi-Voltage Control Relay may be operated by multiple control voltages. A single relay may be energized from a voltage source of 24V DC, 24V AC, 115V AC or 230V AC (depending on model number) by wiring to appropriate input terminals. They relay contains a red LED (MR100 / 200 series) which indicates the relay coil is energized. This device is ideal for applications where local contacts are required for system status, remote contacts for control of electrical loads and general purpose switching.

PAM-1, MR Series

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SPDT with enclosure
10 amps @ 130Vac


24VAC/DC or 120VAC Fire Alarm Relay
24VDC, 24VAC 60Hz, 120VAC 60Hz, 10A


SPST with enclosure
10 amps @ 115Vac


SPST, track mount
10 amps @ 115Vac


DPDT, 120Vac, relay only
30 amps @ 300Vac


DPDT, 120Vac, with enclosure
30 ams @ 300Vac


DPDT, 24Vdc, relay only
30 amps @ 300Vac


DPDT, 24Vdc, with enclosure
30 amps @ 300Vac


SPDT, track mount
10 amps @ 115Vac