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Edwards Fire Alarm Initiating Devices

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500 & 700 Series Smoke Detectors

Conventional 24Vdc Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

The Edwards 500 & 700 series of conventional smoke detectors are 24Vdc photoelectric smoke detectors designed to be connected to UL... learn more

EC5000 Beam Detector

Beam Detector

-Range of 26.25 feet to 330 feet.-Transmitter and receiver in one enclosure.-Automatic beam alignment.-Building shift compensaton.-Programmable fire thesholds.-Operating temperature range... learn more

SD Series

SuperDuctTM Duct Smoke Detector 2 and 4-Wire, Photoelectric Type

The SuperDuct SD Series duct detectors offers the convenience of modular design plus the power of advanced sensing technology.  Available in... learn more

280B-PL Series

Rate-of-Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors

Low profile with wide base Positive fixed temperature operating indication On site testing of rate-of-rise feature The 280B-PL Series heat... learn more

302 Series Heat Detectors

Rate Compensation, Weatherproof & Explosionproof Heat Detectors

The 302 series are rate compensation type heat detectors designed for use in normal indoor environments as well as outdoor and... learn more

CF / CR Series Heats

Double Pole, Normally Open Contact Heat Detectors

The CF/CR series heat detectors have 2 sets of normally open contacts.  They are available in rate of rise (CR)... learn more

270 Series

Fire Alarm Pull StationBreak Glass Type

Die cast metal construction Terminal strip wiring Break glass type Single action The 270 Series fire alarm pull station is... learn more

276B / 277B / 278B / 279B

Fire Alarm Station
Dual Action

Dual action & single action models Screw terminals or wire lead models  Key reset models available Break glass type Injection... learn more

MPSR Series

Weatherproof and Explosionproof Manual Stations

The MPRS series of manual pull stations come in weatherproof and combination weatherproof/explosion proof versions.The weatherproof models come in single... learn more


Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Edwards 260-CO is a commercial grade carbon monoxide (CO) detector that can be connected to a UL listed control panel.  It is an... learn more


Intelligent Addressable Detectors & Bases

Detector Details & Application Optical, heat, and multisensor models available Field replaceable optical chamber Highly stable design Compatible standard, relay,... learn more


Intelligent Addressable Duct Smoke Detector

The E-PDD part number has been replaced by FX-PDD.  Products are otherwise identical. Less than 2" deep for easy installation... learn more

E Series

Intelligent Addressable Input Output Modules

Edwards intelligent modules are engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality. From control of ancillary equipment, to... learn more

E-270, E-278

Intelligent Addressable Manual Pull Stations

Edwards intelligent manual pull stations are engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality. From control of ancillary... learn more

517T Series

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Horn Stand Alone or Tandem Wired

Solid-state non-latching piezo horn Pulsing LED sensing chamber 3 position functional test switch 9 volt battery backup Solid-state LED condition... learn more

517TCSB Series

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Horn & StrobeADA Compliant, Stand Alone or Tandem Wired

Quadra-port smoke entry Fully insect screened 3 position functional test switch Solid-state LED condition indicator Quick disconnect wiring harness 9V... learn more