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5541M Series

Adaptatone Millennium System Master Evacuation & Plant-wideSignaling, RS485 Activation


  • 27 tones (Millennium)

  • 4 zone control

  • Audio, voice & power supervision

  • Microphone & external input supervision

  • Up to four five-second voice messages

  • Hand-held microphone paging

  • Phone paging from PBX systems

  • Up to 32 satellite units addressable through RS485

  • Output and trouble relays designed for fail-safe operation

  • Top, side and bottom knockouts for easy wire entry

  • LED alarm, standby power & status indications

  • Easy to adjust audio output

The Edwards 5541M Millennium System Master is a fully supervised personnel notification control system for both emergency facility evacuation, and non-emergency process control and plantwide signaling communications.

The System Master may be used for ancilliary Fire Alarm evacuation by tying into an existing fire alarm system.

The 5532M Series Speaker/Amplifier is used for sound output. Up to 200 speaker/amplifiers can be connected to the system master.

The System Master is simple to program and operate using a nine-button keypad and an easy-to-read, 40-character LCD display, with Dynamic Zone Control (DZC). DZC enables zone reconfiguration through a series of simple keystrokes without the need for expensive system rewiring.

Employing both voice and tone to alert, warn and communicate, the System master features 27 built-in tones, hand-held microphone operation, and stores up to four, five-second, field-recordable voice messages for playing over remote speakers. PBX phone paging is included, so no separate telephone paging system is required. The Millennium System Master meets all OSHA self-monitoring, prioritization and standby power requirements, plus the latest UL standards for evacuation signaling.

5541M Series

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Millennium System Master
Gray Cabinet
120-240V AC 50/60 Hz, 125-250V DC




Agency Approvals
OSHA Approved UL 2017 Listed for Emergency Self-Monitored Use UL 864 Listed
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